American Airlines offers minimal assistance for cancelling a flight ticket online, making you eligible for an immediate refund in a short amount of time. It's a great idea to request an immediate refund or to book the following trip as soon as possible once the flight is cancelled. If you have cancelled a flight ticket online and are seeking for information on how to receive a refund from American Airlines, you must first study the American Airlines Refund Policy, which will aid you in receiving your refund in a timely manner.

To understand of American Airlines Refund Policy read these points:

* Confirm that you have cancelled an airline ticket online within 24 hours of purchasing it and that you have requested a refund.
* If you've booked a flight within the next two days, you may cancel it and obtain a refund in a matter of seconds.
* The American Airlines 24-hour refund policy makes you very active in your search for an instant refund in a short period of time.

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