is Working Towards getting India's Biggest PropTech Portal.

The mileposts covered by Homes247 in the span of 4 times is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Starting off as just another realtor establishment in Bangalore, it has sculpted its own niche in the assiduity and the moment has come one of the leading and creative Proptech doors in the country.

The association innovated by Mr Priyatham Kumar, right from the morning, believed that technology was its core and left out no chance to integrate the rearmost technological trends that backed homebuyers to choose from a pool of curated and vindicated parcels in Bangalore.

Property tech or proptech can astronomically cover any tech company working in the real estate sector, ranging from brokers using technology to ameliorate their business to tech startups working on problems related to property operation through technology. But what makes it really intriguing is that they bring intervention into an assiduity where dynamics have not changed much over time.

This was just the original kickstart launch of 's metamorphosis into India's Favourite Real Estate and Proptech portal. Effects were looking enough good for the fully bootstrapped incipiency, but epidepidemic proved to be fatal for not just the establishment but the whole assiduity and nation as well.

Still, was one of the veritably many enterprises that leveraged the occasion for growth.

Unlike numerous other enterprises that dissolved down or just lay low to save themselves from the impending storm, took center stage and brought out two features both heavily bedded with Proptech as well as Personalization called"HomesonWheels" and" Book A Home From Home".

Therefore rather than just try to survive, Homes247 thrived!

It kept on perfecting its prospects in the digital world, and the digitalization of the frugality further sped the process up briskly. It brought out a flawless culture of"Window Shopping for Homes"ffrom the ordinary and chaotic real estate rosters. The stoner experience-driven Mobile portal and their sanctioned App too backed in fostering this new culture, especially down in South India.

It brought real estate and the common man closer with its digital and social media marketing.

Still, the association didn't limit itself to the guests alone; it also reached out to the fellow realtors and inventors who were caught up in the extremity and helped them to get back to their bases through their tech bedded supereminent generation system and helped to spark up the arsonist in Bangalore and other South Indian metropolises like Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi.

This made them the existent trendsetters of Bangalore, where some of their major moves have been replicated by their peers, therefore bringing back the buzz to the request.

And what makes Homes247 intriguing is the fact that it noway stops its invention drive as the entire platoon is still experimenting and developing colorful sensations. Especially in Real Estate Digital Marketing, it has made its mark as one of the finest in the country. Their real estate gate, too, is optimized to the maximum to meet the client's conditions. This is what makes them stand out from their peers, as numerous of the Elephants and the old guard of the Assiduity are still stuck in their pattern rather than introduce.

Now they've forayed into the Reimbursement and Resale requests and is incorporating the same proptech proponents, including data analytics, to prognosticate the stylish value models and will soon be launching their data and instructional edge point that's kept under wraps owing to the competition. is planning to develop further tech into their magazine and therefore bring out a complete tech driven ecosystem starting right from Home Buying/ Renting to Domestic
services and indeed Entertainment under a single marquee brand.

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