The global railway rolling stock market is anticipated to flourish at an opulent CAGR of 4.1% throughout the forecast period. The market size is estimated to be around US$ 61,504.8 million for the current year 2023. By the end of the projection period, the total supply of these products would reach around US$ 91,921.3 million in the international market.

The railway industry's recent move to adopt luxury railcars has drastically changed the market's focus. To increase their profits, major participants in the market are concentrating more on the manufacture and distribution of specialised railway rolling stocks. Additionally, the growth rate of the worldwide railway rolling stock market has quickened in recent years due to the spread of online commerce channels following the pandemic effect.

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Recent developments in the railway industry, like the use of high-end railcars, have greatly changed the market's orientation. To increase their profits, major market players are also concentrating on the sale and manufacture of specialized railway rolling stock. Additionally, the spread of online trade channels following the pandemic effect has sped up the development rate of the global railway rolling stock market in recent years.

The net worth of the global market for railway rolling stock was estimated to be around US$ 53,687.7 million in 2018 based on previous records of the survey report. The industry continued to expand favorably in the years that followed. Global acceptance of metro and subway trains will happen over the following years. The growth of the global railway rolling stock market will be significantly fueled by all the main cities. Similar to how many prominent players have been compelled to alter their business models due to the increasing demand for high-speed trains globally.

Key Takeaways

Recent campaigns have emphasized decreasing the use of fossil fuels and introducing more contemporary energy sources. These cutting-edge sources have had a sizable influence on the industry. Numerous market participants have consequently launched rolling stock with hydrogen fuel battery features.
The development of rooftop solar panel installation, which is anticipated to effectively satisfy the energy needs of rolling stock units, is currently underway. Additionally, it is anticipated that increased external investment in this project will have a major effect on the trends in railway rolling stock that are currently emerging.
The development of a number of additional means of transportation, such as regional airlines, is anticipated to restrain market expansion in general. Additionally, the use of transmission pipelines for the transportation of raw materials has increased, which has decreased the demand for train rolling stock in the logistics industry as well.
The need for railroad rolling stock has decreased as transmission pipelines are being used more frequently to move raw materials in the logistics industry. Further reducing rivalry in this market is the adoption of regenerative braking technology across the board for all rolling stock.

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Competitive Landscape

Market players with excessive capital and hands-on technology know how to outcompete their rivals. One of the leading factors that influence the studied market expansion is the encouragement of regional players by their respective governments.

Increasing focus on public transport systems is anticipated to provide immense opportunities for newly entering market players. Moreover, federal assistance in many emerging economies to strengthen the domestic railway asset supply has also motivated several industries to enter the market.

Governments all over the globe are spending excessively on infrastructure development for the overall growth of their economy. Furthermore, this trend has specifically intensified over recent years. This trend indirectly benefitted the transportation sector including railway rolling stock industries. Further emphasis upgradation of the existing railway sector is anticipated to allow businesses to research and adopt new business models.

Key Players Profiled in the Railway Rolling Stock Market Report

CRRC Corporation Limited
Alstom SA
Siemens AG
GE Transportation
IHI Corporation
PPF Group N.V.
Stadler Rail AG
Tatravoganka A.S. Poprad
Wabtech Corporation
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.
The Kinki Sharyo Co., Ltd.
PESA Bydgoszcz SA