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How to Roll Back Nvidia Drivers from Windows Device Manager? NVIDIA's updates resolve problems and boost the performance of its graphics cards. Some updates, however, can cause errors such as Blue Screen Death and other performance difficulties, forcing users to revert to an older NVIDIA driver version. Device Manager is where you can keep track of and update your PC's device drivers in Windows. So, rolling back NVIDIA driver from Windows Device Manager is easy. Follow the below steps to do so: First, use the Windows search bar to look for 'Device Manager.' Scroll down until you see the 'Display Adapters' option. Then, by clicking on the arrow, open the sub-list. Choose the NVIDIA device, right-click it, and choose 'Properties.' To know how to rollback Nvidia drivers, select the 'Driver' tab to open a list of options in the 'Properties' window and select the 'Roll Back Driver' option. You must decide why you wish to revert to the previously installed drivers. Now select the most relevant option. Then, to return to the previous drivers, select 'Yes. For more info:

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